Monday, November 22, 2010

analogue monologues vol. 1.5

From analogue monologues vol. 1.5:

ever since my discovery of 80s bands with names like SPK or Scattered Order and the likes years ago i was aware of the fact that this remote land commonly known as australia must have deeper secrets than the ones we are made aware of growing up elsewhere on planet earth. of course, in this day and age setting your feet on foreign soils wouldn’t make it all too difficult bumping into every stereotype and cliché you expected given you’re carrying expectations at all. but, generally speaking, how many people do you know not getting informed about the latest tourist highlights prior departure just to make sure seeing what different places are all about in times of mass tourism and short attention spans? seriously, did you ever wonder then on how much we would be missing out approaching life merely this way relying on filtered information and lack of interest or curiosity? it might be the easiest way checking ourselves into some high-rise clusters being drawn on the very canvas which makes up for the horizon right next to a beach resort wrapping our bodies in thinly sliced ham waiting packed like sardines until the sun frizzles our skin covered in grease. but might this be the most rewarding approach? well, looking around any corner exposes some shades of grey and even these hues differ as much as all our perceptions do but only illuminating these shades with bright colours gives me a glimpse of the very satisfaction i’m striving for. far from perfection, yet getting a few steps closer when the soundtrack makes my feelings run high leaving the impression i just need to stretch my arms a little further to be able to eventually hold onto the stars compressing the vast landscapes surrounding me.

this compilation features 11 songs of people creating an outstandingly vivid music scene far from mainstream activities and i’m glad i could witness at least glimpses of it while living in sydney. there are many more projects out there at least as moving as the featured artists here which made it quite difficult choosing and compiling the tracks for this volume but isn’t the best and most intense way listening to music, and above all feeling it, when it is performed live? so, give a look around the corners into the dark alleyways and you’ll find spots being illuminated in brighter colours than you could have ever imagined. many of the dozens of shows i’ve seen were blistering and full of energy and i’m sure that’s still the case. thanks everyone involved, you know who you are – i’ll be around again sometime!

this compilation is made on this planet from local and imported ingredients. thanks for tuning in and please enjoy!

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