Thursday, July 22, 2010

'Dead Rhythm' by Gilbert Fawn

Call it post-rock, call it noise music, call it sonic experimentation... to me, they're always soundtracks for unmade films. Gilbert Fawn (a.k.a Matthew Aitken of Ghost of 29 Megacycles) likes his movies too; heck, he organised a backyard film festival that featured Dennis Hopper fishing.

Listening to the new Fawn album Dead Rhythm, my film nerd mind went directly to Harrison Ford instead. Why? Because it's adventure music with an exotic air, particularly when the folky ‘Median' strikes, so naturally it is Temple of Doom times. Things get weird with the atmospheric loops of ‘Dead Meat', take us out of Spielberg territory.

Yet the image of Harrison Ford sticks around, but this time in ‘Plane Food', it's Ford in The Mosquito Coast where he plays a freaky inventor who wants to build a giant fridge in Central America. Hardly anybody saw it. But it's just like a Werner Herzog movie, only directed by an Aussie. And Dead Rhythm can double as its brand new soundtrack. Music that is rugged, bold and a little bit madcap.

By Tristan Fidler

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

DJ Set tonight at Velvet Lounge

Greg DJs tonight with Paul Prestipion for Noh Way! featuring Perth's finest experimental musicians:

Candied Limbs (Cat Hope and Lindsay VIckery)
Adam Trainer
Craig McElhinney
The Beatrice Chronicles

Velvet Lounge from 8pm.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

All Ages show at Dada Records this Saturday 10 July

John Grader is Kabouter's Forest! He plays at 5.30ish.

Greg Taw is the Ghost of 29 Megacycles. He plays after John and before...

...Dada's own Jess Hutchens as Jane Harris. She plays last.

This is the last chance to see Greg play before he leaves for Melbourne. Also most likely the last chance to see Jess play before she leaves for Europe. John doesn't have plans on moving away as far as i know but, it is his second gig so is still worth making an effort to see.

Traianos is bringing his urn. We're going to fill it with water. We're also bringing tea, sugar, milk, cups and spoons. You can use all of them. FOR FREE.

Love and Care Cafe are doing their Gado Gado and Chicken Satay Sticks again. They cost money, but are unreasonably cheap.