Thursday, July 26, 2012

Broken Signals this Saturday night

First show in a long long time! Thanks to Dreamland Recordings for inviting The Ghost of 29 Megacycles to play!

Dreamland Recordings in conjunction with Conduit Arts Present: BROKEN SIGNALS


THE GHOST OF 29 MEGACYCLES works with guitar, organ, and vocals, all deeply treated with reverb and other effects. The music is essentially minimal in many regards, though the sustained organ and guitar overtones interact in ways that create a very dense sound. Building tension with repetition, the songs unfold very slowly, immersing the listener in the interactions of the pulsing sine waves fusing the tones of all three elements together.

VORD dense cinematic electronics and guitar drones from member of local instrumentalists Maya.

BARNABY OLIVER is a musician and multimedia artist most notable for his work in the experimental improvisational band Infinite Decimals. He has developed a unique practice drawing on a diverse range of sources, from 60's experimentalists Alvin Lucier and LaMonte Young through to dub pioneers King Tubby and Lee Perry. A common theme is the use of sound as conveyor of hidden worlds, exploring physiological and environmental processes through the creation of sensitised fields.

DARK PASSENGER has been active since 2009, with appearances on releases for local labels Vacant Valley and Iceage Productions. His sound is in a constant flux, yet the sole aim lays within creating a stream of sound with a degraded metallic tinge. Sometimes cacophonous, often desolate though always foreboding; inspired by the many lost souls walking the forgotten back roads of the world.

Saturday July 28th at Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy.
Starts 8pm. $5.00