Tuesday, February 9, 2010

10000 Flying Girls EP

The 10000 Flying Girls EP was limited to 150 copies in handmade cardboard packaging and was sold out in 2008. We are happy for you to download it for free as mp3s.

1. 10000 Flying Girls Part 1
2. 10000 Flying Girls Part 2 & 3
3. The Bell Witch

Written by Gregory Taw
Vocals by Karen de san Miguel
Mastered by Taylor Dupree
Artwork by Jessyca Hutchins

"It's warm, shimmering music, which sort of bends time in the way that only floating waves of glistening ambience can. I sat right between my speakers, immersed in the full frequency spectrum for the whole 26 minutes, letting myself get lost in the gently evolving arc of the record. The 12k/LINE back catalogue is an obvious reference point, which I perhaps wouldn't have mentioned except for Taylor Deupree's mastering credit on the sleeve.

This release sits firmly in the DIY realm, encased in lovely, hand made paper packaging. It's great stuff, and if you stumble across a copy this reviewer urges you to have a listen."

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Poster Art

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REPEAT by Matt Rösner (MIATERA)

Repeat offers 6 new works by Rösner that demonstrate the composer’s musical maturing since his debut release on 12x50 and a couple of releases of environmental and electronic sound in Australia and the US.

He engages on Repeat with the sound of voice, recorded instruments and performers. Reminiscent of Morton Feldman, these works unfold their beauty over time. With additional material by Adam Trainer, Greg Taw and Alexander Wendt, this vinyl release explores patterns and structures – observations of Rösner’s environment at the oceanic West coast of Australia. Calculations based on the Fibonacci series laid out timing and structure of Lattices, the track that spans over the entire B-Side. It explores tones and frequencies over 20 minutes. Limited edition of 500

This excellent release provides time and place for contemplation as a good piece of art should do. Furthermore Repeat comes also in a deluxe collector’s white vinyl edition, with additional artwork

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