Sunday, October 24, 2010


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Wednesday, October 27 · 7:30pm
Serial Space - 33 Wellington St, Chippendale

The Ghost of 29 Megacycles is a minimalist shoegaze project currently based in Melbourne. The band released their debut album, Love via Paper Planes on Sydney label Sound and Fury Records to critical acclaim. Their follow up mini album The Hummingbird Dream continues to explore their unique ambient sounds and abstract songwriting.

Joel Stern is a performer and producer of experimental music & sound, performing regularly both solo and in collaboration with a wide variety of artists around the world. Joel's performance collaboration with filmmaker Sally Golding, as Abject Leader, has seen the duo widely recognised as Australia's premier exponents of contemporary expanded cinema.

Athrocycle is a new collaborative project of Andrew Voet and Nick Beeby. Both have produced an expanse of eclectic electronic music and visual art both together and seperately for over 10 years. As Athrocycle they explore the potentials of chaos and the unexpected using circuit bent hardware and digital sound design, with a gameboy thrown in for good measure.

Reuben Holt is a Sydney based sound artist, musician and composer. His live performances combine pastiche and found sounds with sonic accompaniment. He is currently completing a Bachelor of Sound and Music Design and International Studies at UTS.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vital Weekly review of The Hummingbird Dream


Greg Taw is The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles, and as such he has a previous work on Hellosquare Recordings, a CD for Sound & Fury and various CDRs. ‘The Hummingbird Dream’, his second CD, has two pieces, a part one and a part two. Taw plays guitar, organ and field recordings on both and for the second part (which last just under seven minutes, whereas part one is twenty-four minutes), he receives help from two female vocalists and someone who plays organ. If you would have told me its just an organ and some effects, I would have probably believed that also. The twenty-four minutes of part one is a beautiful drone piece of organ sounds that wash about. Seemingly, endlessly sustaining, this meanders about, light weighted, and spacious, with a somewhat sad undercurrent. Maybe it has guitars too, but I find them hard to hear, but no doubt they mingle together somewhere captured in effect land. The bird calls towards the end mark the end and moves forward to the second part, in which voices can be heard. This is more a song-like piece, from the world of dream-pop and shoegazing, of old Ochre Records. Maybe the two pieces don’t go very well together, but the second complements the first and could have been perhaps a bit longer, to balance a bit better with the first part, but throughout this is a very fine release. Nothing new, but definitely something great. Relaxing drone music. (FdW)

Dronestock Saturday 23 October

I am honoured to be invited to play this show with such amazing Melbourne ambient/drone artists. Many thanks to Zac Keiller for organising this show. Please check out his music
Hopefully we will be collaborating on a project soon.

Dreamland Recordings is proud to present: DRONESTOCK
5 hours of guitar, drones, noise & visuals.

DRONESTOCK is an audiovisual gathering featuring some of Melbourne's best atmospheric sound practitioners & a mixture of established, as well as up & coming musicians; all stylistically varied but sharing a common interest in the creation of guitar based drone music.


Taking place within the cozy confines of Loop Projects Space on Saturday October 23rd with an extra early show from 3pm to 8pm, Dronestock is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, aiming to be a highly immersive audiovisual experience.

LOOP / 23 Meyers Place, Melbourne.
Sat Oct 23rd
Starts 3pm sharp.
For full details and to hear a track by each performer, head on over to the Facebook event page:

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Empress Hotel Thursday 14 October

Supporting the lovely Ah! Pandita from Canberra.

This is my last show in Melbourne with Leigh and Alex of The Townhouses as my backing band. Thanks heaps to these wonderful guys.
Please check out their music at

Fluid Radio UK Interview and Review of The Hummingbird Dream

“The Ghost of 29 Megacycles come from Australia where it’s sunny and people have corks hanging from their hats and Alf Stewart lives there shaking his fist at children and people say “I can see the pub from here” sometimes. However, they seem happy to ignore most of these things in favor of sculpting sheer, blissful surfaces of drone from organs and guitars before topping them off with occasional shoe gaze-style breathy female vocalizing.”

Thus spoke Brett of Norman Records, reviewing ‘Love Via Paper Planes’ – the debut album from the aforementioned Ghost. Which, apart from being very funny, is also true. The part about the corks especially.

Brett will no doubt be very happy to hear that their new release, ‘The Hummingbird Dream’, is an epic and tender two track EP that is a rival to any drone release for the year – dense, moving and cavernous. Protagonist Greg Taw constructs the two tracks, with assistance from Jessyca Hutchins, Rupert Thomas and Rebecca Orchard on the second. The tracks are described as having been “born from sleepless nights, morning silence and sadness”, and the vast 24-minute opener ‘Part 1’ certainly reminds of the both the panic and calm of insomnia. It also hints the possibility of a positive outcome, with the bird-sound that ends the track, and fades into the second.

Read the entire Interview here: