Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vital Weekly review of The Hummingbird Dream


Greg Taw is The Ghost Of 29 Megacycles, and as such he has a previous work on Hellosquare Recordings, a CD for Sound & Fury and various CDRs. ‘The Hummingbird Dream’, his second CD, has two pieces, a part one and a part two. Taw plays guitar, organ and field recordings on both and for the second part (which last just under seven minutes, whereas part one is twenty-four minutes), he receives help from two female vocalists and someone who plays organ. If you would have told me its just an organ and some effects, I would have probably believed that also. The twenty-four minutes of part one is a beautiful drone piece of organ sounds that wash about. Seemingly, endlessly sustaining, this meanders about, light weighted, and spacious, with a somewhat sad undercurrent. Maybe it has guitars too, but I find them hard to hear, but no doubt they mingle together somewhere captured in effect land. The bird calls towards the end mark the end and moves forward to the second part, in which voices can be heard. This is more a song-like piece, from the world of dream-pop and shoegazing, of old Ochre Records. Maybe the two pieces don’t go very well together, but the second complements the first and could have been perhaps a bit longer, to balance a bit better with the first part, but throughout this is a very fine release. Nothing new, but definitely something great. Relaxing drone music. (FdW)

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