Monday, May 24, 2010

Matt Rösner Tape Series Volume 1

Matt Rösner Tape Series Volume 1

A. Transits

B. March 7, A Dry Heat

Western Australian sound artist Matt Rösner delivers the first in a series of three cassette only albums on Meupe. Volume 1 features 45 minutes of previously unreleased collaborations with Perth artists Greg Taw (Ghost of 29 Megacycles) and Adam Trainer recorded over the past 18 months. Using guitar and piano improvisations performed by Taw and Trainer as a starting point, Rösner has added his trademark field recordings and max/msp processing to craft longform pieces that play at the listeners sense of time and place. The cassette format suits these piece immensely.Available at a launch at Kulcha, Fremantle on Friday May 28, 2010. From then on exclusively from the Meupe Shop. Edition of 50.

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